Online PHP Tutorials

You will find hundreds of php programming, web designing and database tutorials on this site. You can surf through our collection of free online tutorials. I have scoured the Internet to bring you an extensive collection of tutorials.

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W3Schools PHP tutorial

A very nicely arranged PHP tutorial from W3Schools. This is really very useful for the starters.

Learn PHP

If you are new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works,
try the introductory tutorial .
After that, to advance your PHP skills, check out the
online manual.

An Introduction to PHP

This tutorial will teach you how to program in PHP. Topics include Loops, Functions, Conditionals, Forms, and Email etc.

PHP--A Basic Introduction

A very basic beginner's guide on PHP programming. Starters will surely find it very useful.

What is PHP?

A very good PHP tutorial. Lessons are very nicely arranged. A nice place to start learning PHP.

PHP Tutorial

This tutorial will help you understand what all the PHP hype is about and what really is PHP. Topics include Loops, Functions, Conditionals and more.

Online PHP Tutorial

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose server site scripting language that is especially suited for Website development and easily embedded into HTML. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly

You will find hunderds of php programming, web designing and database tutorials on this site. You can surf through our collection of free online tutorials. I have scoured the internet to bring you an extensive collection of tutorials. I have tried to cover PHP technologies. I feel that this site is still not complete and I am striving hard to improve the site by adding new tutorials for PHP Language/ technology and / or to add new sections.
Server Side Scripting using PHP
Basic tutorial for server side scripting using PHP. Good for the starters.

CSS navigation bar with stylish web2.0 elements
Marino from TechSymptom is great web-designer and started a series of Fireworks tutorials on web 2.0 styled navigation bars. The last one inspired me to create this small CSS tutorial.

Create a zip file from folders on the fly
To compress a whole directory with an unknown number of files into one zip file I created some class extension to get this job done.

Integrate RSS feeds to your page with PHP
Integrate RSS feeds to your site with PHP.

SQL Server FAQs - PHP ODBC Functions - Managing Tables and Data Rows
PHP ODBC functions to connect to manage tables and data rows. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on creating tables; inserting multiple data rows; updating and deleting data rows; searching data from multiple tables; looping through result sets; working with dates. Topics included in this collections.

FTP Upload via cURL
FTP hosting is often much cheaper than regular web hosting. The upload with an ftp client is for sure the most common way, but could be a problem for people behind a firewall or without enough rights (capabilities) to install a FTP client. For those a upload via a web form is the best solution

URL Variables in PHP: What are they, and how are they used?
Have you ever wondered how to pass variables or arguments to a PHP script? The simple answer lies within URL variables. URL variables are variables appended onto the end of a URL address, allowing them to be used within PHP scripts. Basically, URL variables can be considered external variables that are brought inside the PHP script. This tutorial will provide a very basic example of how URL variables are used within PHP scripts.

Make Dynamic PHP Google Sitemap
Make Dynamic PHP Google Sitemap at runtime

Send SMS from your website Using PHP
Send SMS form your site by using ClickaTell Sms Gateway.

PHP Template Engine for a solid site
This template engine doesn’t have many features and only barely scratches the surface of what is entirely possible with PHP OOP, but it works never the less. Great for beginners.

Creating RSS documents with the DOM API
This article illustrates how you can use the PHP5 DOM API to create your own RSS files. When used in conjunction with RSS Parsing with SimpleXML, these articles will help you create and read RSS files by utilizing two of the new PHP5 extensions, SimpleXML and DOM.

RSS Parsing with SimpleXML
This tutorial will provide a simple example of one method for parsing an XML document, more specifically, an RSS formatted XML document. This tutorial will use the new Simple XML object added to PHP 5.

Learn How to create your own automatic database backup script
Lets get started. First off we need to define our folder that the database backups are going to go into. You are going to change database_backups to whatever the folder you have created for the db backups.

Make your own port checker
In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to make your own port checker. For an example on when you would use this, take gaming. You want to know whether port 3302 is open for the ‘blah’ game. Simply, using this script you would call: portcheck.php?port=3302 and your result will tell you whether it is open or not.

PHP Breadcrumb Navigation - How to build a breadcrumb Navigation in PHP
Martin and Adrian started breadcrumb mania, and I'm continuing the tradition with "Breadcrumbs for PHP Lovers." If you want to know why breadcrumbs make good business, read Martin's Breadcrumbs for All.

PHP Shopping Cart Tutorial. Learn how to create a profitable online store.
PHP Shopping Cart Tutorial offers information on how to build your own online store using PHP and MySQL.

PHP MySQL Shopping Cart Tutorial
This tutorial explains how to create a shopping cart solution using PHP and MySQL.

PHP: A simple tutorial - Manual
Here we would like to show the very basics of PHP in a short, simple tutorial. This text only deals with dynamic web page creation with PHP, though PHP is not only capable of creating web pages. See the section titled What can PHP do for more information. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages.

Geared towards web developers
A PHP tutorial that covers all the basics of PHP. It is geared towards web developers with little or no PHP experience.

Advance to Beginner PHP Tutorials
Providing a wide selection of PHP tutorials, from beginner to advanced; and php programming articles.

Great Collection of PHP Tutorials
This tutorial will show you how to redirect your affiliate links using a PHP script and a simple edit to your .htaccess file.

PHP MySQL Tutorial
Simple PHP and MySQL tutorial with examples like creating a guestbook, uploading image to database and creating simple content management system (CMS).

Spoono - PHP Tutorials
View our huge archive of PHP tutorials. ... Level: Advanced Learn Advanced Object Oriented Programming for PHP.